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Listed below are some of our recent development projects. And if you need further information, please contact us.

Distribution Network

Limobook Online Management System (LOMS) a distribution network was the first project undertaken by Segator.

Segator designed the system from inception since the company's creation. LOMS is a real time reservations and dispatching system that is aimed towards simplifying the process of numerous reservations and evolved to implement structure to orchestrate individual systems within the distribution network inclusive of billing.

The implementation will enable increased usability, availability, flexibility, modifiability, security and performance to the ground transport industry.

Pagoto™ for traditional gelato, ice cream, waffles and frozen yoghurts.


Segatrek is a robust and user-friendly motor vehicle and person tracking system managed online by the customer.

Having a first hand understanding of the ground travel industry the development team created our first product Segatrek. The development of Segatrek while focusing on the requirement to establish a simple to use web service tools for tracking, whether vehicular, personal or animal, to customers and even inexperienced internet user.

Segatrek uses GPS tracking to enhance security of tracked carriers, and allows customers to preset many alerts to track their carriers.